About Ostrovok
Ostrovok Primary School is a licensed bilingual school. Along with the state license, our school passed the certification and obtained a Cambridge International School license.

Interesting facts about Cambridge International Schools:

  • over a million students in 160 countries across the globe
  • over 150 years of experience in the development of international educational curriculums
  • Cambridge International Schools are part of Cambridge University
From their first day at school, our students study based on two curriculums:

  1. The State standard of elementary education of Ukraine – NUS (the New Ukrainian School) (Ukrainian is the language of instruction)
  2. International Cambridge Primary Curriculum (English is the language of instruction)
After graduating the elementary school, children receive a government-issued certificate, as well as take international Cambridge Primary Checkpoints examinations in three subjects: English, Science, and Mathematics.

      Ostrovok Primary School has two licences:
      MES of Ukraine №811/А-2018
      Cambridge International School №UA030

      two curriculums:
      New Ukrainian School and
      Cambridge Primary Curriculum

      Teachers with international qualifications:
      Mission and values
      Students are the center of the educational process at Ostrovok Primary School.

      The personality and interests of each child are the most important here.

      We believe that cultivating a love of education and self-improvement, encouraging intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and artistic traits are the key to a successful life.

      It is important for each child to know what they are doing and why.

      It is important for each tiny victory to be a result of personal discovery.

      We believe that this is the only way to ensure that children have the most important traits – the ability to set goals independently and work on self-development throughout their lives. Understand why – set a goal – work hard – achieve

      Teachers are the driving force.

      Our teachers guide, while the students move forward. Teachers are not ahead, they are nearby. Active learning is an independent search for answers to questions that the students ask. Each student goes along their own unique path in the process of learning, and the teacher's task is to be a steady support on this path.

      Our teachers do not dictate rules but rather make every effort to get students to create these rules themselves. Only this way can the rules be memorised and become useful.

      This is possible only with appropriate qualifications. Our teachers are trained based on Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (Cambridge PDQs) in the following spheres:

      • Teaching and Learning Educational Leadership
      • Teaching Bilingual Learners
      • Teaching with Digital Technologies
      Parents as our partners.

      We know that parental involvement in the educational process is a key success factor.

      We offer the following tools for partnership with parents:

      • Weekly online progress reports.
      • Individual student-parent-teacher meetings.
      • Interactive online tasks and tests at the end of each week.
      • Detailed lesson plans and notes.
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      Our benefits
      Primary School with two licences:
      MES of Ukraine and Cambridge International School
      Two languages of instruction
      Ukrainian and English
      Two curriculums
      "'New Ukrainian School" and "Cambridge Primary Curriculum"
      Full time school
      Business hours: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
      Two main teachers
      English speaking teacher and Ukrainian speaking teacher in every class
      International recognition
      Ostrovok Primary School is a registered Cambridge International School (UA030)
      School in your pocket
      Unique opportunity to study online in Bookvik Distance School
      Ostrovok Primary School operates based on the typical educational curriculum edited by R.B. Shyyan, as well as according to Cambridge Primary Curriculum. Education is integrated and based on two curriculums simultaneously. Students get an opportunity to study subjects from various angles and gain knowledge in different languages.

      Each student goes their own way, while the educational process is never linear; training rather consists of "jerks" and "skidding". A jerk is a personal discovery, a rule that was created independently. You need to spend time and effort and to work hard. The teacher's task here is to thoroughly control the process, dedicate more attention and support in case of difficulties, but also give a chance and the time required for independent progress.

      We carefully observe each student's progress, with special attention in the educational process dedicated to monitoring academic success.

      Progress Control
      Our students have the opportunity to master two educational progrems: New Ukrainian School and Cambridge Primary Curriculum
      Внутрішній та поточний контроль
      Internal ongoing control is the system of tests and assessments in the process of education. At the initial stage of education, children do not get grades (i.e., they are not communicated to children) – we do not compare students to each other. At the same time, teachers assess the children and record grades, which parents and teaching staff see every day. Parents receive all grades with comments in the electronic diary, which also includes the possibility to communicate with any teacher, ask questions, or receive a consultation.
      External control
      External control is monitoring on the part of Cambridge Assessment International Education. Upon completion of the second and fourth grades, children take international examinations in English:
      Cambridge English Young Learners: Starters, Movers, Flyers
      Cambridge Primary Checkpoints
      Upon graduating from elementary school, children take international Cambridge Primary Checkpoints examinations in three subjects: English, Mathematics, and Science. International examinations are administered and checked by representatives of the Cambridge Assessment International Education. Parents receive not just grades, but also a detailed description of the child's knowledge and recommendations for their further education
      Interactive educational activities
      Each teacher has a team of methodologists and programmers behind them. Every teacher knows that no perfect program exists, which fits every student. Therefore, depending on the peculiarities of the class and each student individually, we create mobile apps and interactive exercises, which complement the New Ukrainian School and Cambridge Primary Curriculum.
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      Olena Boholiubova
      Pavel Kogan
      ICT teacher
      Anastasiia Konovalova
      Primary School teacher (CELTA, DELTA)
      Olena Zakharchuk
      primary school teacher (Ukrainian)
      Sofiia Seredyuk
      primary school teacher (Ukrainian)
      Viktoriia Burmiy
      primary school teacher (Ukrainian)
      Tatyana Khynevich
      primary school teacher (CELT-P, TKT 1-3)
      Diana Populiak
      primary school teacher (TKT 1-3)
      Galina Prachuk
      primary school teacher (Ukrainian)
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      Ostrovok Preschool
      Cozy and safe environment for our youngest students
      About Ostrovok Preschool (3+)
      As you well know, it is very stressful sending your baby to a kindergarten. We once stood by the gate too, holding our baby and completely unaware of what to do next.

      In 2019, our kindergarten turned 10 and we are growing along with our kids .
      Naturally, we have designed our own methodology, so today, we are ready to announce that it is efficient, fascinating, and loved by kids and their parents.

      However, the methodology is not just a set of recommendations and the program for their implementation; it's the people, long-standing staff able to work together as one. It's the walls, inner space designed to fit the interests and needs of children.
      This is a small but open and completely free world called Ostrovok where kids feel at ease!
      Preschoolers' life
      We introduce children to the joy of learning and creativity.

      We know that the world is enormous and, therefore, we teach kids to observe, research and make their own discoveries.

      Role-playing is a primary tool for developing and teaching a preschooler.
      Our fairy-tales "Adventures in Ostrovok", where Letters and Numbers are the characters, help teach the basics of reading and writing during the preschool period.

      Our team consists of teachers, psychologists, and programmers. We design interactive curriculums and supplement traditional methodologies with modern ones.

      From early childhood, children listen to correct English pronunciation, start understanding and speaking it. Development programs in the kindergarten let our future students continue their education based on the Cambridge Primary School program.
      What we do
      Children explore the world by imitating and playing. Our kindergarten is an interesting and comfortable place for them. They play, draw, sing, move a lot, and English is used throughout many activities. Great attention is focused on sensory development, as well as fine and gross motor skills.

      Music, Speech and thinking development, English, Mathematics, Choreography, and Physical Education are major subjects. They are taught by specialist teachers. Kids also have sports lessons and complex classes with a psychologist.

      Kids learn to make up stories and prepare staged role-plays both in their mother tongue and in English. Our children learn basic spelling extensively. In the middle group, we start using computers and tablets for the purposes of individual and group learning. Research elements and practical activities let us develop logical thinking and shape basic concepts.

      Major subjects are taught by specialist teachers.
      Frequently asked questions
      How many years does education at Ostrovok Primary School last?
      Children study at the school for 5 years: from 5 (zero grade) to 10-11 (fourth grade)
      Can you enter the first grade without attending the zero grade?
      Subject to availability of space, education can be started from the first grade. In this case, the child is admitted to the school based on results of an interview and testing in English.
      Is there any entrance testing?
      When entering zero grade, we meet a child to assess the readiness of the future student for education (psychological, pedagogical, and physiological readiness). When entering 1-4th grades, students take additional tests in major subjects.Під час вступу в нульовий клас ми знайомимося з дитиною, щоб оцінити готовність майбутнього учня до навчання (психологічна, педагогічна, фізіологічна готовність). Під час вступу в 1-4 класи проводиться додаткове тестування з основних предметів.
      What are the school business hours?
      Ostrovok Primary School y is a full-time school (8:30 am – 6 pm). Classes take place in two cycles: the Ukrainian one and the English one. This means the child's day is divided in half (the Ukrainian half and the English half).
      How many teachers will my child have?
      There are two master teachers per class (NUS teacher and Cambridge Primary teacher). In addition, an assistant/educator is always present in the class, too. Thus, 3 teachers work with the children every day. There are also other teachers who teach art, physical education, and gymnastics.
      How many children are there in the class?
      There are up to 16 children per class.
      What is the schedule of meals/time outside?
      Tuition includes 5 meals: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack). A recess takes place within the guarded territory in the school yard.
      How difficult is it for children to study all day long?
      Even though the educational process is very interactive, studying based on two curriculums is a busy process. Therefore, we pay very careful attention to getting to know our future students and their parents. After all, the health and happiness of children is always a priority for us.
      Are there other Cambridge International Schools in Ukraine?
      A list of licensed Cambridge International Schools is available at the official website:https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/why-choose-us/find-a-cambridge-school/
      What is the minimum age for children to enter Ostrovok Kindergarten?
      Each child is unique, therefore there are no strict age requirements during admission; the most important thing here is for the baby to be psychologically ready to start attending a kindergarten. As a rule, the minimum age for our children is 3 years.
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      Ostrovok Primary School
      20, Pishonivska str
      Odesa, Ukraine
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